Followers of God, as dear children

Date posted: July 28, 2014

Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; Ephesians 5:1

Let us follow God, as children, pure.

Clinic Construction
The clinic construction has been suspended for the past several weeks due to lack of funds. Preparation is underway for the next projects. Recently the ground behind the retention wall and the tree overhanging the clinic wing area were cleaned.

Holy LORD, we cannot live without you. Please have mercy on us and make us clean. Please provide, spiritually and financially, that this project might be a glory to you to all the earth. Protect us, LORD, from the evil that increases around us. Let us be your children on this earth.

Here are photos of recent site work:

Higueronal church
The Higueronal church continues to meet in faith.

Thank you, Father, for your church. Let us be a living sacrifice to you, holy and acceptable, that your will might be manifest in us.

Here is a photo of a recent church meeting:

Government regional meeting
The Panama government recently held their regional agriculture meeting in the MCI building. National politicians, leaders and press were on site for the event.

Thank you, LORD, for the opportunity to witness. May the world know through us that you are LORD.

Here are photos of the government meeting:

May you resolve this week to be a follower of God, as a child,